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You can now submit your film for COPENHAGEN FASHION FILM 2018 SHORT FILM PROGRAMME & AWARDS.

Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival will take place in February 2018 and you can submit until January 7, 2018.

Award winners will be elected by a jury consisting of film and fashion industry professionals. The films submitted will be in competition for Best International Fashion Film, Best Nordic Talent, Best Message, Best Idea and Best New Talent. Jury members will be announced soon. Read more about last years jury here.


Read more about how to submit your film here!



Copenhagen Fashion Film – Moving the Fashion Image

The festival presents a programme consisting of unique silent films, iconic underground films and brand new fashion films. The program offers not only great film experiences, but also inspiring talks, art and events.

As always, we focus on themes that are important to the fashion industry as well as our society. This year, our glance is directed, among other things, towards sustainability and the challenges that the world is facing in this context. At the same time, you can look forward to plenty of ceremony and timeless splendor when we bring you into the world of dazzling costumes, silent film concerts and a special selection of the fashion-world’s best short films.

In short, everything a fashion heart could desire!



Copenhagen Fashion Film investigates and mediates fashion in a new way, by focusing on the close connections among fashion, film and artistic practices. CFF consists of an annual film festival, independent film screenings, debates, events and exhibitions. CFF functions as a common basis for discussing new ideas and experiments in fashion, film and communication. We provide the framework for collaboration among designers, artists, directors, companies and researchers while encouraging active participation from our diverse audience.

What is Fashion Film?
Fashion film as a concept is a hybrid that covers several genres. A fashion film can be a film made by a designer, photographer, artist or a brand. It can have fashion as the leading role or as a supporting character. Fashion film can be silent movies, documentaries, feature films and contemporary art films. Either way, a fashion film showcases garments, designs, and costumes through the medium of film, making fashion an essential part of the visual narrative.

Uniquely to Copenhagen Fashion Film, we showcase both historically and contemporarily interesting fashion films, since we believe that fashion history is an important part of today’s fashion. At the same time, we pay special attention to the rapidly growing phenomenon: the fashion short film, which has become one of the most important tools in fashion communication today. There is no exact recipe for making a fashion short film – it can be highly diverse in the way it looks, sounds and feels. The important thing is to rethink and challenge fashion communication.

Every year, we have our annual film festival in Copenhagen. The festival focuses on the connections between fashion and film through various film screenings, talks, debates and special events. The festival has changing themes related to the cultural aspects of the history, present and future of fashion and film. Combining the best of contemporary fashion films with a special selection of old cult fashion movies, the festival audience is not only in for breathtaking cinematography but also outstanding fashion film treats.

Our Mission
Copenhagen Fashion Film mediates fashion in a new way and functions as a common basis for discussing new ideas and experiments in fashion, film and communication.
We aim to give our audience an aesthetic experience that connects the dots between fashion and film by curating the best fashion films.
Today film is a fast growing medium within the fashion industry. It’s a great way of showing designs as it expands the designer’s artistic expression from the static fashion photography and has the potential to function as an effective marketing tool in the present digital age.
Copenhagen Fashion Film wants to embrace this development and get the audience as close to the designer and garments as possible.
Last but not least we want to celebrate the actors, the directors, the costumiers, and the designers throughout history who have had an impact on our culture, creating films with a strong sense of fashion.


Ditte Marie

Head of Festival & Curator

+45 2871 1408


Siri Buric

Curator & Project Manager

+45 2877 7646


Maja Krebs Sørensen

Project Coordinator & Communication

+45 6167 8768