A university professor, a business man, an Arab minister, and a spy: This is the premise of yet another film classic starring one of the greatest cinematic heroines Sophia Loren. With her voluptuous curves and stunning costumes Loren is seductive in her role as girlfriend to the wealthy Beshraavi played by Alan Badel. The professor, who is played by Gregory Peck is instantly captivated by her, but he is not the only one, and thereby the stage is set for a peerless drama.

All the costumes are designed by Marc Bohan for Dior and for each changing scene Sophia Loren is dressed in a new outfit. Anyone with a love for fashion must watch this film treasure and its spectacular costumes.

After the screening acclaimed fashion researcher Else Skjold will take a closer look at the costumes in the film and talk about the general impact of cinematic costume design in relation to contemporary fashion.

Director: Stanley Donen
Producer: Stanley Donen Films
Country: USA
Runtime: 105 minutes
Language: English
Original Title: Arabesque
Year: 1966