Watch the world premiere of the brand new documentary CPNHGN FSHN WK, where the audience is taken behind the scenes of Copenhagen Fashion Week. Get a look inside the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry as well as its ups and downs together with model Maja Krag, celebrity stylist Kenny Aleksandr, Danish designer David Andersen, and other key figures before, during, and after the fashion week.

CPNHGN FSHN WK gives the audience a chance to get close to some of the main players within the industry of Danish fashion, as well as an exclusive glimpse into the secretive world of fashion shows and decadent parties that usually only include the specially invited.

After the screening the cast and director of the film Thomas Yong will talk about the film and take the temperature of Danish fashion industry.


Director: Thomas Yong
Producer: Shouting Cow Productions
Country: Denmark
Runtime: TBA
Language: Danish
Original Title: CPNHGN FSHN WK