Talk & special screening of films made by new talents and students from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design together with the winner of Copenhagen Fashion Film special prize Best Nordic Talent, Tobias Birk Nielsen. Drop by for several talks and learn how the new talents work with fashion film and why they find fashion film interesting as a media. There will be three talks in total, two of them moderated by designer Stina Resting. 
The design talents will exhibit their fashion film garments in the Cinematheque from February 8-10.

Talk & special screening af nye modedesign-talenter  og studerende fra Kunstakademiets Designskole samt vinder af Copenhagen Fashion Films pris Best Nordic Talent 2017, designer Tobias Birk Nielsen,  fortælle om deres brug af filmmediet, og hvad det tilfører deres designpraksis i en gratis åben samtale i Asta Bar – med eksklusive filmvisninger.
Der vil i alt være tre talks, hvor to af dem modereres af designer Stina Resting.
Du vil desuden have mulighed for at se designtalenterne udstille deres designs fra filmene i Cinemateket d. 8-10. februar!



Domantas Smaizys: Shelter
Inspired by Islamic geometrical ceramics iconography this sculpture addresses the refugee crisis. Having been displaced into camps, they are left to illustrate what is left from their memories. The piece is fused with emotional aesthetics of current circumstances trapped in the shelter.
Fashion Designer: Domantas Smaizys
Production Designer: Ida Lundø

julija moroz_escapism2

Julija Moroz: Escapism

Through my design process, I was inspired by the organic shape of architecture, naturalistic decorations based on local flora and general vibe of nomad spirit. The feeling of intentional detachment and distraction show a momentary reprieve from the constant warriors’ circumstances, where escapism is a chance to step away and recharge, rethink.
Fashion Designer: Julija Moroz
Production Designer: Isac Mørch

Marie Sloth Rousing_result

Marie Sloth Rousing: Inadequate Function

This project is inspired by a mini Quran which has an inadequate function in being so small that it is difficult to read – The book that does not want to be read.This concept is used in connection with a tradition trenchcoat. A coat that, by first glance, can’t be understood and analyzed how to wear, but is actually wearable.
Fashion Designer: Marie Sloth Rousing
Production designer: Oskar Mokrzycki

michala bräuner grønkjær

Michala Bräuner Grønkjær: The Bath House

 As a modern interpretation of the miniature-story Mihr wa Mushtari (Mihr in bath-house in Khwarazm) the garment illustrates a contrast between Danish public-pools and the decorative Hamams. A clash appears between a stiff towel with illustrations and a soft, fluid dress created of traditional tile-patterns.
Fashion Designer: Michala Bräuner Grønkjær
Production Designer: Kenneth Damsgaard

ann-christine vilhelmsen-faith-in-strangers1

Ann-Christine Vilhelmsen: Faith in Strangers

“Faith in Strangers” is a study of two Persian and Arabic textiles, where Calligraphy has inspired to develop a graphic serigraph-print in neon. Bleaching technique has given a decaying expression that imitates a 7-8th-century samite-woven textile. The shape of the look is developed from a Persian carpet, where there are still elements from the rug in the form of neon stitches.
Fashion Designer: Ann-Christine Vilhelmsen
Production Designer: Axel Schlosser

Current student Albert Sweeney, 5, and former students Michele Biar (nee Poulton) and Alisha Madden from Dernancourt Primary School pose for a photo in the hallway, ahead of the school celebrating its 50th birthday later this month. Thursday, October 19, 2017. (AAP Image/Morgan Sette)

Julie Thornberg-Thorsøe: Backwords

The meanings of written words overshadow the hidden beauty in the letters. Disguising these definitions allows the eye and the mind to perceive shapes, details and artistry that is too often neglected. Until the meanings are finally revealed backwards.
Fashion Designer: Julie Thornberg-Thorsøe
Production Designer: Isac Mørch


Tobias Birk Nielsen: Winner of Best Nordic Talent 2017

tobias birk nielsen

Stina Resting: It’s a Wrap

Stina Resting_It's a wrap2