This year’s CHART ART FAIR is on! Here at CFF, we are super excited about the program that includes performances, talks, exhibitions and more. CHART ART FAIR is a yearly contemporary art fair taking place in the halls of Charlottenborg Kunsthal in Copenhagen. The fair shows a broad palette of galleries and is a good way to get a gleam of what is new on the contemporary art scene.
For more information about the program, click here.

This year, CHART has expanded with a new feature: CHART DESIGN, which will be presented at Den Frie Udstillingsbygning in Copenhagen. CHART DESIGN is an exhibition platform that investigates the intersection between art and design. Join us at CHART and get inspired by the many artworks and designs with the potentials to move boundaries.

Art, fashion or both?

The same intersection is found in many fashion designers works, and therefore we have found a list of designers and artists that play with the thin lines between art and fashion by putting a question mark on what design can be.


Designer: Henrik Vibskov
Music: Hess is More

The Danish designer Henrik Vibskov is well known for his performative and scenographic runways that play with art and design. For Hess is More’s music video “80 years”, Vibskov investigates the concept of functionality. The kimono-inspired designs are presented in different traditional Japanese rituals, such as the tea ceremony. During the video, it becomes clear that the clothes are physically limiting the bearers, making them half blind. The rituals that the clothes are entangled into, shows the inevitable performative aspect of the clothing and the perception of its functionality.

Still Henrik Vibskov


Designer: Marie Sloth Rousing
Directed: Phillip Schmitt

This year’s winner of Designers’ Nest and selected Nordic talent in 2016, Danish designer Marie Sloth Rousing are well known for using the intersection between film, art, and fashion in her work. As part of Copenhagen Fashion Film’s program back in 2016, Rousing’s short film “In Between” has become an artwork itself. During this year’s FAN OUT in Kødbyen, clothes and films by Rousing were exhibited. With the broad use of different media and fields, Rousing aims to question fashion and its systems through materialism, deconstruction, and sustainability.

Designers’ Nest Jury’s statement:
“Marie Sloth Rousing questions our expectations of clothing and its ability to transform. With a highly innovative and conceptual approach, she fuses ordinary objects, like the umbrella, roller blinds, and slap wraps, into a strong concept with an eye to image, responsibility and a sense of humour. It challenges the norms of clothing and transcends installation art and fashion.”


The performance group SOUVENIR OFFICIAL uses fashion as a form of memory and performative act. Based on the word souvenir, which means “remembrance” or “reminder”, they make art-infused opinion wear and projects that preserve memories of contemporary culture by spreading messages.
For this year’s Alt_Cph program, SOUVENIR OFFICIAL attended with the project EUNIFY, presented as a blue hoodie:

“The circle of stars on the front is broken, representing the current climate of uncertainty in Europe. Under the hood, the phone number of the EU hotline recalls a unique resource of political education.”

Souvenir Official