Roskilde festival 2019 has begun and we are super excited. Besides all the good music and fun parties, we can’t wait to explore this year’s art program. Dive into a great mix of artworks, installations, performances, and talks that all focuses on solidarity. Projects and people unite within art, activism, and music to focus on solidarity at the festival.

We at Copenhagen Fashion Film are especially excited to see:

Eli Sudbracks curated platform
Brazilian-born installation artist, who goes by the acronym avaf (assume vivid astro focus), will present a platform for talks and performances during the festival. The stage is called House of Chroma, and is an explosion of colours, originality, and inspiration. His work often focuses on colours, and it’s a way to transmit energy and connect people. Invited to the scene is a group of artist, performers, DJs, and dancers from the LGBTQAI environment in Sao Paolo. Fields of civil rights, gender, sexuality are all on the agenda as well as a performance mixing spoken words and expressive vogue dancing – we can’t wait to join the party. Check it out here. On a side note: previously he has also worked with both Lady Gaga and Rei Kawakubo (Comme des Garcons), so we are super thrilled to see what he will add to the platform.

Talk with Girls Are Awesome
A celebration of all the cool girls behind and on the stages, we will hear Karen Cincent (SheCanPlay), Jenny Rossander (Lydmor) and sounds engineer Jessica Petersen share knowledge and inspiration.
Check it out here!

Concert with IKI
Five electro-acoustic vocalists from Norway, Finland, and Denmark use electronics and improvisation as an artistic tool. They will give a trance-like concert with avant-garde beats, and to draw the audience even further into their strange universe, they always perform in mystical masks. Let yourself be swept away by the sirens from the north. Read more.

Why not try a flower drink made by Portuguese artist Marisa Benjamim or see the world from a fish perspective in Anne Duk Hee Jordan’s Ziggy & The Starfish or hear youth magazine SEIN talk about being a fan? Are you excited about disco-infected Afrofuturist funk with androgynous glamour, then check out The Illustrious Blacks. Need a place to chill, then take a seat at artist Claudia Comte huge tree trunks.