This is a quick guide to what music we will not miss at Roskilde Festival this year!

Fashion film and music videos are quite similar in a format so this guide for music at Roskilde is told through the musicians fantastic, fashion-forward, inspiring music videos. Lean back for a ride of music, fashion and attitude!


Our all-time favourite artist Janelle Monae is performing at Orange stage on Saturday, July 6 at 19:00. We cannot wait to see her show as she always delivers a fantastic show 

Not only a musician she has been an actress in several films. She has starred in, among others, MOONLIGHT and HIDDEN FIGURES.

Her music videoes is of course also a sight for sore eyes and filled with cool styling, amazing scenography and fashion of course!

To mention just a few of her fashion collaborations we can name: Jean Paul Gaultier, Gareth Pugh, Chanel. Just to name a few of the more well known. She is known for always dressing up and we can’t wait to see what she will bring to Roskilde.

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The 26-year-old hit rapper is always a guarantor for a great show! She has just released the video for her single PRESS. 

For this video, she collaborated with har stylist Kollin Carter. The very nude video has some clear fashion moment especially in the court where Cardi is wearing a stunning white suit made by Viktor and Rolf. The suit is from their Immaculate Collection Haute Couture AW18. 

For the video MONEY, Cardi B. is either in a gold bikini, a power shoulder jacket made by Gareths Pugh, a huge hat or just fabulous purple underwear. Check it out:

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Being a star for more than 20 years, Swedish Robyn is also a concert and show we really look forward to. She has an ever-changing personal style and has been a fashion icon throughout the times. Robyn has worked with stylist Naomi Itkes to help create her look for the different videos. 

She pulled some really iconic fashion moments in her music videos,  and in an article in the I-D magazine, she explained her close relationship to clothes and why it is evident in her music videos with how she grew up. “I used to watch my mom get ready for the stage as a kid, and my grandfather was a priest, so that idea of working with costumes made its way into my world at an early age,” she recalls. “Everything is a costume — even what looks like nothing is a decision.”

It is clear to see in her videos, that a lot of time has been put in creating different and interesting looks, to give more to the music videos. 

This is some of her best fashion music videos: 

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Danish rising star JADA is also on our list of things we can not miss at this year’s festival.

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Roskilde Festival_Orange_Stage_credit_Peter Troest
Credit: Peter Troest