As the weather is getting colder outside, there is nothing better than heading to the cinemas for a good movie. And the timing couldn’t be better: Tomorrow starts the yearly film festival CPH PIX  and we can’t wait!
CPH PIX is Denmark’s biggest feature film festival and has an eye for quality, relevance, the experimental and new talents. The program of the festival is spread out to different locations in Copenhagen and is a great way to investigate the cinema-culture here in the city. To see the full program of this year’s CPH PIX, click here.

As always, PIX has made a huge and impressive program and it can be hard to choose from. But don’t worry. Here we have gathered a list of films and instructors worth keeping an eye on. All the selected films has a special focus on clothes and costume in the sense of using it as a cinematic language. We also recommend taking a look at the series ‘New Talent Grand PIX and ‘New Danish Directors: Politikens Talentpris to get a feeling of what’s new on the film-scene.  

Enjoy PIX and read our list below.


In Fabric

Instructor: Peter Strickland
Language: English

The movie ‘In Fabric’ is the story of a scarlet dress that bewitches everyone who takes it on. The instructor Peter Strickland creates a moody and enigmatic universe that draws on David Lynch, Giallo and Classical British Horror. The film will have its first screening on the 30th of September with a visit from Strickland himself!

Read more about the film and get your ticket here.


When the Trees Fall

Instructor: Marysia Nikitiuk
Language: Ukrainian
Subtitles: English

The crew of CFF are always interested in seeing new talents. From the series ‘New Talent Grand PIX’, we recommend the film ‘When the Trees fall’ by the Ukranian instructor Marysia Nikitiuk. In a mix of magical realism, action and arthouse, this ambitious debut movie film takes place in the life of Larysa, who dreams of breaking the solids of the generations for the women of the family. But destiny is not the way to fool in a patriarchal village culture. The film depicts the complexity of breaking with heritage in the pursuit of creating an own self.

Read more about the film and get your ticket here.



Instructor: Lukas Dhont
Language: Dutch, french
Subtitles: English

A significant debut from the 27-years old Lukas Dhont about teenager Lara, born as a boy, but in hormone treatment to become a woman. Struggling with existential frustrations and the dream of becoming a ballet dancer, the movie is a sweet and beautiful depiction of identity issues, coming from the language of the body.

Read more about the film and get your ticket here.



Touch Me Not

Instructor: Adina Pintilie
Language: English, German and Romanian
Subtitles: English

Based on the body in a more isolated sense, Instructor Adina Pintilie takes a body-positive discovery voyage with his characters in the winner of the Golden Bear of this year’s Berlinale. The result is a refreshing hybrid between documentary and fiction that curiously explores beauty in all kinds of bodies and how difficult being intimate with others can be.

Read more about the film and get your ticket here.


As part of our programme back in 2016, Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival paid special tribute to the diversity of the human body and spirit by presenting a selection of films and events that discussed and challenged gender and body issues. To see more, search for the 2016 program here.


Instructor: Robert Schwentke
Language: German
Subtitles: Danish

A deserted German soldier falls over a survived captain’s uniform. Knowing that it is his best chance of survival, he takes on the identity of a captain – and soon he fulfills the role of Nazi captain with awful conviction. Based on real events, the instructor Robert Schwentke tries to capture the horrors of war in a unique mix of beautiful black-and-white imagery and a brutal soundtrack. In the horror of surviving, Schwentke depicts the power of clothing and how the embedded meanings in a uniform can give birth to a whole new identity.

Read more about the film and get your ticket here.

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