One of the biggest documentary film festivals CPH:DOX has started, and we can´t wait to see interesting, beautiful, breathtaking documentaries that opens up our eyes to the world and the stories that are not always told.
We at Copenhagen Fashion Film are definitely going to watch these film:

PETER LINDBERGH – WOMEN’S STORIES by director Jean Michel Vecchiet
How do you become an artist? This is the question with which director Jean Michel Vecchiet confronts photographer Peter Lindbergh. But Lindbergh is not the kind of person to simply provide an answer to this question. Nor to any other about his life, which began in 1944 in German-occupied Poland. Asked about the whys and wherefores of his photographic work, he tells his interlocutor not take everything so seriously. And so we are left with the pictures themselves and the story of how they were created in order to get to the bottom of this artist. But then again, his photographs do not really have to be forced to speak because they are always telling stories, especially stories about women. Check out more and book tickets here.


HALSTON by director Frédéric Tcheng
Roy Halston Frowick was America’s first celebrity designer. His life story is a dramatic and visually outstanding tale of the transition from classic Hollywood elegance to the extravagant wild nightlife of the 1970s. It is also an epic story about a revolutionary fashion house’s greatness and fall – and it is here told for the first time by the director of ‘Dior and I’. The young Halston quickly made a name for himself, but encountered resistance as a homosexual, before triumphs like the legendary show at Versailles Castle (!) in 1973 earned his name a place among fashion giants. His ideas perfectly encapsulated the times, and his creations made him the regular stylist for stars such as Liza Minelli. Halston flew high, but gambled his empire on an escalating hedonistic lifestyle and a series of impulsive decisions during a period that started as one long party and ended up spinning out of control.

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Watch both Halston and Peter Lindbergh – Women’s Stories in Charlottenborg this Saturday. Check out the event here!

THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MY MOTHER by director Beniamino Barrese
The filmmaker’s mother has decided to disappear – but this will not happen without a fight. After a long life, first as an international photo model in the 1960s and since then as a radical Marxist, feminist and mother of four, she has had enough of it all. She is an aging fashion model that strives to escape the world of images and disappear for good, but her son’s determination to make a final film about her sparks an unexpected collaboration and confrontation with the camera’s gaze.

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3OHA by director Clayton Vomero
This film is a kaleidoscopic depiction of outsider culture in the extended aftermath of the Soviet Union’s dissolution;  fake Nikes, drugs, clubs and Instagram live.
In August of 1991, the USSR started to slowly dissolve and a wave of Western influences flooded the former Soviet states. Seemingly all at once, western consumerism arrived in Russia along with the hope that western prosperity would soon follow. ‘3OHA’ examines the explosive changes in the cultural landscape of the region, from the last days of the Soviet Union to the modern feudalism of now.
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DON’T GIVE A FOX by director Kaspar Astrup Schröder

A road movie with a youthful and contagious energy. An all-girl skate crew embarks on a road trip around Denmark in a youth film about dreams, friendships and bruises. Skateboarding has long been a boys’ club, but the girls from the Don’t Give a Fox crew have decided to change that. It’s all about freedom, and the only rule is that you high-five when somebody falls over.

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Join the screening Saturday when the amazing crew Girls Are Awesome invites to party: