Our friends at CPH:DOX has made the impossible possible and recreated their entire festival and transformed it from a physical festival to a digital festival in only one week!

“In the light of the global crisis related to COVID19, and following the latest announcement from the Danish Government on further restricting public gatherings, CPH:DOX has decided to roll out its 2020 edition in a digital version.”

We are as always amazed by their huge and well-curated programme and we are full of admiration that they have managed to launch the festival to a digital one so fast! They launch today and it is, therefore, possible to sit at home and experience a great selection of strong, interesting, beautiful and touching films from CPH:DOX.

The programme consists of film from all over the world and we cannot wait to dive into the wide selection. CPH:DOX’s industry activities, CPH:FORUM as well as the five day CPH:CONFERENCE and the training activity CPH:LAB will be carried out digitally to a great extent as well.

Check out the full film programme here: https://www.cphdox.dk/online

One of the films that we were looking forward to co-present is the brand new documentary: MARTIN MARGIELA – IN HIS OWN WORDS. We were also looking forward to the conversation between Reiner Holzemer the film’s director, Director of the Designers’ Nest, author, and fashion scholar Ane Lynge-Jorlén, and Associate Professor at KADK – Else Skjold. But another time.

cphdox-cphdox2020 - Martin Margiela_ In His Own Words - Stills [985599]

About the film:

The iconoclastic fashion designer and 90s icon Martin Margiela invite us into his inspiring and creative brain.

When Martin Margiela had his breakthrough in the 1990s, he was so far ahead of everyone else that the rest of the world is still trying to catch up. A mysterious fashion designer with the imagination of an artist – with simple and brilliant means he turned everything upside down and chose early on to remain anonymous. This is the kind of material that myths are made of. But instead of cultivating the myth, we are invited into Margiela’s personal studio – and inside his mind – with Margiela himself as an (audio)guide! The fact that the Banksy of the fashion world opens his doors to us is a bit of a sensation in itself, but the film is deeply inspiring not just for the fashion world. A film for everyone who is interested in thinking radically creative and breaking the invisible boundaries of tradition.


As mentioned this is not a regular festival and you can enjoy the film from your own home on your cozy sofa. You rent the film for 12 hours and the price is only €6.

Ticket link: https://cphdox.shift72.com/film/martin-margiela-in-his-own-words/

Stills from the film:

cphdox-cphdox2020 - Martin Margiela_ In His Own Words - Stills [985604] cphdox-cphdox2020 - Martin Margiela_ In His Own Words - Stills [985605] cphdox-cphdox2020 - Martin Margiela_ In His Own Words - Stills [985606] cphdox-cphdox2020 - Martin Margiela_ In His Own Words - Stills [985607]