The programme is curated by Niccolò Montanari

The ten films I selected to be screened as part of the Young Talent showcase, with a focus on Nordic countries, can be enjoyed as stand-alone pieces or as a curated journey. I’ve always been a fan of considering fashion as more than just clothing, which also tends to be reflected in my selection of videos. Though most of the films are fashion films, in the sense that they were produced in collaboration with a fashion brand or designer, I’ve also included music videos and short films that address contemporary themes through a fashion-forward aesthetic.

The Nordic aesthetic is one that is renowned for its minimalism, clean shapes and lines, something that also comes across in the video content coming out of these countries. In my selection, this aesthetic is combined with topics that are very relevant and current globally. I’m referring to how countries and its people are changing, how we set national identities and borders, as well as our constant struggle in needing to be defined. But also how we perceive gender, what it means to love in today’s world and how we’ve learnt relate to one another. Regardless of whether the films are narrative driven or more abstract pieces, all of them feature a general sense of unease for the future – also shared by the international film community. A feeling of unsettlement, a desire to feel grounded, and the result of several years of global instability which now seems to be the norm.

Top Photo: Still from Gustav Risager’s film Underneath



Director: Sara Samsøe

Fashion/Brand: N/A

Country: Denmark

Runtime: 09:52



Director: Gustav Risager

Fashion/Brand: We Are The Faces

Country: Denmark

Runtime: 01:26


Uniform of Great Hope SS’17 Tobias Birk Nielsen

Director: Philip Peng Rosenthal

Fashion/Brand: Tobias Birk Nielsen

Country: Denmark

Runtime: 04:39


Les Deux + Kopenhagen Fur / Beyond Borders

Director: Stefan Pflug & Nicklas Hemming

Fashion/Brand: Les Deux + Kopenhagen Fur

Country: Denmark

Runtime: 01:42


Without a Word

Director: Youness Benali

Fashion/Brand: N/A

Country: Sweden

Runtime: 03:50

ºıı˙∞˚ ‡^˚ ’^^˚

Director: Daniel Wirtberg

Fashion/Brand: N/A

Country: Sweden

Runtime: 05:05


Warhola // Jewels

Director: Anders Malmberg

Artist: Warhola

Country: Denmark

Runtime: 03:30


Stine Goya – Le Jardin Fou

Director: Anders Morre

Fashion/Brand: Stine Goya

Country: Denmark

Runtime: 02:49


Tropical Island

Director: Jeppe Kolstrup

Fashion/Brand: N/A

Country: Denmark

Runtime: 03:22


Eating Hooks

Director: Måns Nyman

Artist: Moderat

Country: Sweden

Runtime: 04:39

Curator bio: Publicist and Video Curator Niccolò Montanari built his experience in fashion film as one of the founding members of Berlin Fashion Film Festival in 2012. From selecting relevant speakers and jury members, curating fashion film screenings and supporting the production of the annual event, his main focus lay in developing the communication and branding strategy of the festival. He’s joined, hosted and organised multiple panels, workshops and presentations on the topic of fashion film for organisations such as Aesthetica Short Film Festival, The Smalls, Istituto Marangoni and several fashion film festivals. He also contributes to a contributor to a range of publications, including Vogue Italia, 1.4,
Shots, Not Just a Label and GoSee.

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