The leaves have turned yellow and the weather is getting colder, it’s time to put on your turtleneck and snug together inside with a cup of tea. Autumn has arrived, and that means time to watch films. Copenhagen Fashion Films recommends these three films about love and loss.

The story takes place in Hong Kong in 1962 and is a beautiful story about love and betrayal, directed by Wong Kar-wai. Chow Mo-wan (Tony Leung), a journalist, rents a room in an apartment of a building on the same day as Su Li-Zhen (Maggie Cheung), a secretary from a shipping company. They become next-door neighbors, and when they gradually realize their respective spouses are having an affair, they form a strong bond. The film is an aesthetically sublime movie – from photography to scenography, costume design and soundtrack. Maggie Cheung floats through the movie with divine melancholy beauty and always in figure-hugging cheongsam dresses, matching the surroundings.

inthemood inthemoodforlove

Stylish Faye Dunaway stars in this 1970 drama as a failed model, who is trying to reestablish her success from the heyday of her modeling career. The film is directed by former fashion photographer Jerry Schatzberg. and gives a special insight into the 1970s fashion world with all its temptations, extravagant lifestyle and thereto downfalls. The film is inspired by the real-life story of iconic fashion model Anne Saint Marie, who at the peak of her career suffered a breakdown, subsequently disappearing from the limelight for good. Schatzberg had a personal relation to Anne Saint Marie whom he photographed on several occasions.
The film was a part of the Copenhagen Fashion Films programme in 2015, The Importance Of Being A Heroine.

puzzleofadownfall Puzzle-of-a-Downfall-Child-Bruce-LaBruce-880x440

Travis (Harry Dean Stanton) is wandering through the Texas desert, a bit shaky and in desperate need of water, when he stumbles into a bar and collapses. A phone number is found in Travis’ wallet, which belongs to his brother, Walt. Walt is shocked to hear about his brother’s condition, since no one in the family has heard from Travis in four years; Walt flies to Texas to bring him home, only to find Travis wandering by the side of the road wearing the iconic red baseball cap, and they begin the long drive back to Los Angeles, where Walt lives with his wife, Anne, and Hunter, Travis’ seven-year-old son. At first, Travis is oddly distant, but in time he begins to talk again, he begins the painful process of reacquainting himself with his son and trying to reconcile with his wife, Jane (Nastassia Kinski). Set to a bluesy soundtrack of Ry Cooder, there is a consistently aching melancholy to the film, which has become regarded as one of the most visually compelling narratives of all time. Set amidst sweeping desert scapes and seedy motels, there is an enduring beauty to its bleakness. We dream about Kinski’s famous golden blonde hair and fuchsia mohair sweater. Watch on Danish streaming site here .

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