We are kickstarting Copenhagen Fashion Week by screening the documentary: A Perfect 14

In collaboration with the team behind the film and Empire Bio we have the opportunity to show the film at a special screening. It will only be possible to see the film this one time at Empire Bio on January 23, 19:30. You will also be able to find our freshly printed programme for our festival starting on January 30. Buy your ticket here:

About the film: A Perfect 14 explores the world of plus-size models fighting to reshape the fashion industry and the beauty standards of society.

A Perfect 14 follows the journeys of models such as Elly Mayday, Laura Wells and Kerosene Deluxe as they struggle against the distorted perception of body image that is perpetuated in people’s minds. These women share their personal experiences of challenges and successes to help empower themselves and others to eradicate the currently held standards of beauty. In addition to being successful models, they are also driven to make a positive impact in the world.

The film explores the controversial term plus-size and the divisive influence it has on society and the fashion industry by showcasing models, designers, photographers, bloggers, modelling agencies, magazine editors, body image experts, plus-size industry leaders and pioneers in the meccas of the fashion world. It combines the stories of the main subjects with an exploration of the collective unconsciousness of size-based segregation. It also asks the question of the media’s responsibility in its single focus portrayal of thin role models and how it takes a heavy toll on the self-confidence and body image of women.

A Perfect 14 shows the desperate need for diversity and a true reflection of today’s society in the fashion industry, our media and role models. The models in the film are determined to eliminate the established perception in society that one size fits all.

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Check out more on: http://www.aperfect14.com