We are thrilled to announce that we are visiting the Danish festival Heartland Festival. The festival combines music, art, talk and food and opens this Thursday on May 30.

One of the experiences we really look forward to is the talk with activist, icon and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. Her topic is: 7 billion don’t know we are an endangered species Analysis: how to save the world from self-destruction. Known for her huge fight for the environment she is one of our time’s most dedicated activists. Alone on the stage with no moderator and only the audience as a conversational partner we look forward to hearing what she has to say. Vivienne is talking on the stage on Saturday, June 1 st, and we will be there!
Another talk we are definitely going to see is the talk between the director of CPH:DOX Tine Fischer, Laura Nirider & Steven Drizinand. The talk will revolve around how media such as TV shows, documentaries and social media can influence society in different perspectives.

Furthermore, we look forward to what the art scene has to offer. Renowned fashion designer Henrik Vibskov is contributing to the festival with a huge installation. Another Danish artist called Sophie Hjerl is making a VR piece called ”Peperit 2.0”. It is a piece where the audience can experience art in VR and find themselves between two worlds. She has a background working with video art and dance and we really look forward to seeing the piece.

One of the most interesting performers this year is definitely SOLANGE. With a huge understanding of presenting herself, her performances and her music videos we can’t wait to see what she will show us at Heartland.
Other great performers to watch this year is singer and actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, JADA Denmarks new rising star and multi-artist Connan Mockasin. All great performers with an eye for detail.

About Heartland Festival:

HEARTLAND combines live talks and contemporary art with the greatest things from the music and food scene. The festival takes places from May 30th to June 1st 2019 at one of the most scenic places in Denmark; in the gardens surrounding Egeskov Castle on the island of Funen. Heartland Festival is created in collaboration with some of the most prominent and skilful people in their fields. Read more about the program for 2019 here.

A few images from last year:

Allora Heartland

Art: photo Rico Feldfoss

Peter Kirkegaard - Pussy Riot - photo Peter Kirkegaard © (5 of 9)
Pussy Riot: photo Peter Kirkegaard

Photo: Rico Feldfoss