Danish designer and multi-artist Henrik Vibskow work within the field of fashion, costumes, music, film, and performance. During Heartland Festival he presented a huge art installation, The Radish Arm Charm, which is inspired by the meeting between art, nature, and technology. Lights, colours, materials invited the audience to interact with the piece.
It looked amazing but we, unfortunately, did not go through as the piece was closed a lot due to weather conditions.

003_Photo_Christaian Bang

The Radish Arm Charm. Photo Christian Bang – Heartland Festival

He has done not only conceptualized fashion shows but a wide range of different projects, international art installations, creating costumes for operas and performance groups, including collaborations with Hotel Pro Forma, the Oslo Opera house and Brussels Opera House.

Together with visual artist Andreas Emenius he created an on-going art project called The Circular Series as well as the collaboration The Fringe Projects.

As part of Henrik Vibskov’s exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City, the film Harmonic Mouth was presented, including costumes made by Vibskov.

Fashion meets music in this collaboration between Vibskov and the Danish electronica musicians Hess is More. The video represents a mutual pairing of images and music and includes costumes from his exhibition at the 21 Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan.