This year’s winner of The Magasin Prize Cecilie Mai Sommer has finished her fantastic film – HOTEL MAGASIN DU NORD! 

We love it and look forward to following Cecilies work in the future. We asked her a few questions about fashion film and her work as a director. All the answers below.

Check out the film HOTEL MAGASIN DU NORD here:


Why do you find fashion short film interesting as a media?

For me, there are no rules when it comes to fashion short film. And that’s why I as a director find it so insanely interesting. Finally, there’s a place where it’s acceptable for me to suggest buying taxidermied animals would add to the scene! And that it might be best for the story if the fish spoke Japanese. So yeah, because of stuffed animals and Japanese fish.

Cecilie on set

You won the Magasin Prize this year, and your film is done now. How has it been working on this?

Honestly, a bit stressful. But that was not a bad thing. This prize gave me an opportunity to play more than ever and create something that I could be proud of. And I am proud of the film as it turned out. So all the stress was worth it. I’ve learned a lot about directing as well. For me directing is much more than being in charge of the direction of the film. It is also about making sure that your team can work together and giving directions in such a way, that the entire team has the best conditions to perform their best individually. What I learned from this film is that you should NEVER have too little food! It will ruin everyone’s day! It is even more important than coffee! And that’s important. 😉

The film set

Do you think it will it have any effect for you and your work to be a part of the CFF platform?

CFF as a platform has already affected my work. Mainly because CFF inspires me to do more. The way CFF encourages people to get the know the genre, makes me wanna learn more. Create more. And watch a whole lot more. And that’s why I direct fashion short film. Because it inspires me. CFF does exactly the same.

A scene from the film

Did it have any positive outcome, new possibilities so far?

Not yet! But I’m hopeful! And the last time I was hopeful, I won a pretty big prize. 😉

Copenhagen Fashion Filmfestival 2018

Copenhagen Fashion Film festival 2018

What do you wish to gain from a platform as CFF?

The dream scenario would be new people to collaborate with. You can never get too many playmates if you ask me. Especially because a film is something you create together.


Which possibilities do you find in the genre of fashion short films? What do you see happens in the future, both for the fashion short film genre as well as your work with the format?

Hopefully, fashion short film will get more recognition as an art form, especially in Denmark. That might give some people the courage to work with the genre and explore the possibilities. Hopefully, by keep creating peculiar fashion short films that creates awareness of the genre, I can contribute to that development.

Still from the film

Behind the scene