Copenhagen Fashion Film presents this year a small pop-up festival with three unique films, all celebrating the fashion icon Pierre Cardin.


Most people know the iconic and recognizable brand Pierre Cardin, but not many know the genius behind the brand. In this new documentary, the creators seek answers to who the man Pierre Cardin is and the story behind the always modern thinking designer. He is seen by many as mysterious, due to his very private lifestyle. The documentary House of Cardin is a rare look into the mind of a genius, his life, work, and sublime designs. Mr. Cardin has, exclusively, given the people behind the documentary access to his archives and empire, and he provides unprecedented interviews as a punctuation mark for a fantastic career. We are attending fashion shows at The Chinese Wall and hear about his relationship with actor Jeanne Moreau. In the documentary, we meet stars such as Philippe Starck, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Jean-Michel Jarre, Naomi Campbell, Sharon Stone, and Alice Cooper, who all shed light on Pierre Cardin’s personality.

The film is presented by Ane Lynge-Jorlén, Director of the Nordic fashion incubator, Designers’ Nest, author, and fashion scholar. Her forthcoming anthology ‘Fashion Stylists. History, Meaning and Practice’ (Bloomsbury Visual Arts) comes out in July 2020. Her research interests center on artistic articulations of fashion and the “work” of fashion. She gained her doctorate in Fashion History and Theory at London College of Fashion, and she has since taught fashion studies at London College of Fashion, Paris College of Art, University of Southern Denmark and Lund University.  She is an independent curator specializing in experimental fashion, and she has curated ‘Clash. Resistance in Fashion’ at Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, ‘Dark Angels. The Parisian Fashion House Peachoo+Krejberg’ at Rundetårn in Copenhagen and the upcoming ‘Absent Bodies’ at Designmuseum Danmark (April-September 2020).

Date: February 5
Time: 8 pm
Location: Cinemateket