Are you curious about the life of the genius designer Alexander McQueen? Then join us for the screening of the new documentary in Copenhagen. It´s a one time opportunity! The tickets are selling fast but you can still get your ticket here:

McQueen was a fascinating, wild and extraordinary artist. His life was turbulent and ended too soon. The documentary is a rare glimpse behind the scenes. it’s the most intimate look inside a notoriously private life, featuring interviews with the designer’s family, friends, and close collaborators. The Directors of the film Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui. Bonhôte is well known for making fashion films and Ettedgui has made a number of notable documentaries. Together they were the perfect combination of making the film about McQueen and his world.

 “Lee’s life and work were so fused with each other,” explains Ettedgui. “What made him special and different was the work and we wanted to find our way to his essence though it.” Dividing the film into five chapters, the filmmakers let his groundbreaking runway shows map out the contours of his tumultuous life. With intimate interviews with his family and friends, the filmmakers meticulously explore the dreams and demons that drove him forward, letting audiences glimpse how intertwined the designer and the man were.

The shows and the models
A lot of top models has been a part of McQueen’s world at the runway. Here is a list of some of the most spectacular shows he did in his short but memorable career:

McQueen’s 2001 show “Voss”

McQueen’s 1999 show “No. 13.”

McQueen’s 2009 show “Horn of Plenty” 

Fashion Films

Another huge reason why we simply love McQueen was his many fantastic fashion films. Always made together with his dear friend Nick Knight, founder of SHOWstudio –  THE HOME OF FASHION FILM. They worked together on many occasions and this is an example of one of their collaborations. They live streamed his show and a made a fashion film for his Spring/Summer 2010 presentation: ‘Plato’s Atlantis’:


Another notable series from SHOWstudio and McQueen was the project Unseen Mcqueen. Consisting of several interviews, films and footage. Check it here:


Here are a few examples of some of the best films from our point of view: (but again who can really choose?)



We hope to see you at the screening of McQueen – the only screening in Denmark.