Fashion takes inspiration from many places but there are a few people, who change fashion and music by being just who they are. David Bowie, Grace Jones, and Kurt Cobain are all examples of the exceptional personalities that have managed to make an impact on a broad international audience and put an indelible impression on our culture with their unique style and their inner glow.

Nick Cave is one of those personalities that keeps fascinate and dazzle people whenever he’s on stage, starring in films or writing poetry. We saw him on Orange Stage Friday night and even though it wasn’t our first Nick Cave concert, he always manages to inspire his audience with his voice, music, and style. Entered in his classical dark-coloured three-piece suit, open white shirt with top three buttons undone and his slick-back black hair, you recognize him immediately. You see his inspiration from the Southern Gothic and the post-punk scene where it all began.


The charismatic lead singer and artist has never compromised his artistic integrity, and with a long musical history, a longtime drug abuse and an exceptionally literary and personal approach to songwriting, Cave has delivered an ever-changing musical expression filled with contrasts. Always a bit on the edge.

The interesting thing is what makes him an icon, it’s the appearance, his style, the music or the mystique? His representation becomes his universe, the narrative that the audience is told. And then there is the ever ongoing dualism between life and death, love and misery, and wildness and silence.

Foto: Lasse Lagoni

Foto: Lasse Lagoni