We made a special open call for this category and asked the submitters to send a one-pagee treatment with an idea for a film the department store Magasin.

Last year the winner was Cecilie Mai Sommer and the film she made premiered at Magasin earlier this year. Check it out here:

This year we also had a lot of great suggestions and we ended up with 6 films in the final competition.  The amount of the prize has increased and is now: 125.000 DKK to make the film.

We will not show the submitters entire treatments due to copyrights and has therefore chosen to present one page from the treatment and our written short abstract about each film.

Here are the 6 runners up including the winner:

Bine Bach: Say Aaahh

A woman has forgotten her best friends birthday and only have an hour to spare –
so what to wear? Inspired by imaginative, surrealistic and humorous visuals
and cinematic effects, Bine Bach’s film “Say Aaahh” tells the story of Magasin
as a microcosmos and a place of fantasy and inspiration, symbolized as the
protagonist’s closet.

Bine Bach (1)

Bine was not able to attend the Award Show but send us this thank you video:



Anne Hørlyck: Love, M

“Love is the most powerful feeling in the world. Love is what makes people do the
extraordinary. Love has an infinite number of facets and love is still the most
universal expression of humanity.”

Based on visuals inspired by warm, romantic films, classic romantic settings and a narrative following the love story between Magasin and its customers, Anne Hørlyck’s film “Love, M”
personifies Magasin and depicts some of Magasin’s best qualities through
storytelling such as loyalty, the ability to create joy and making the
customers feel beautiful.

Anne Hørlyck

Camilla Gammelgaard & Ditte Rothemejer: SE MIN KJOLE

Based on the Danish children song “Se Min Kjole” from 1948, Camilla Gammelgaard &
Ditte Rothemejer’s idea of the same name tells the story of a young woman,
living in a theatrical universe, experiences a magical and colorful fairytale.
By visualizing the song, dividing each day of the storyline in a single colour
and ending in a multicoloured world, the idea talks for diversity, playfulness
and elegance – and based on Magasin du Nord’s reputation for its dresses,
Gammelgaard and Rothemejer’s idea celebrate the elegant, magical and
a fairytale-like universe of Magasin du Nord – a place where all colours are

Camilla Gammelgaard & Ditte Rothemejer


Marie Sloth Rousing, Mathias Kruse Jørgensen & Elvira Von Wieding:
The World of possibilities

”The department stores are the world of dreams. The world of possibilities.”
The  film tells the story of the meeting between the costumer
and the product and the chemical reaction that makes the product living and
personal. In a magical reality of futurism combined with the 50s and 60s “still
life”-inspired storefronts, the film intends to challenge the function of the
product as well as to depict how the product affects and changes the human
being into becoming almost one and the same.

Marie Sloth Rousing
Nicoline Edinger: The Red Thread
Inspired by the legend of the “red thread”, Nicoline Edingers dreamy Magasin film follows a
young woman on a journey led by a red thread. With a slogan that says: find
your red thread, the film ends in a destined meeting with another woman in the
exact same outfit as her.

Nicoline Edinger

Stina Resting: The Magasin Tapes

Embedded in the 90’s aesthetics of the VHS tapes, Stina Restings Magasin film – the Magasin
Tapes – shows a woman’s nostalgic memories recorded on her video camera as a
teenage girl documenting her life and her mother. Fascinated by her mother’s
everlasting sense of style, the intention of the film is to present the message
to be yourself and find your own individual style.

Stina Resting