As a celebration of Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival 2019’s overall theme, this Sunday Recommendation is dedicated to fashion short films! Here we have selected three examples from SHOWStudio’s list “Fashion Films Submissions”, which illustrate some of the interesting aspects of fashion short film as a media.

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Watch and enjoy the list below!


Urzulka and Juliana Ramirez: Belly Flop

In Urzulka and Juliana Ramirez’ fashion short film Belly Flop, the viewer is up for a tricky film experience that plays with both our perceptions and expectations. Urzulka and Juliana’s creative use of different visual effects creates a cinematic language of fragments, setting the clothing and accessories in new constellations.

Belly flop Belly flop 2

Source: SHOWStudio
Direction: Urzulka & Juliana Ramirez
DOP: Nina Hawkins
Art: Urzulka & Juliana
Styling: Margaret Bechtold
Wardrobe: Olive Boutique
Art Assistance: Adé Randle, Eric Peana
Models: Gianna Rebecca & Isabel Fannin
Sound Design: Mitchell Lamon


Dàfe Oboro and Mowalola Ogunlesi: Kilón Shélé Gán Gán

Vibrating colors. Sound landscape of a city. Stylish sunglasses. The short fashion film Kilón Shélé Gán Gán is loaded with impressions, having an interesting impact on the clothing showed in the film: Clips of what looks like the everyday life in the city Lagos combined with staged and designed scenes, makes the distinction between factual and fiction hard to designate. By using everyday situations in the film, designer Mowalola Ogunlesi and the film maker Dàfe Oboro lets the collection become part of the lived culture of Lagos and the Nigerian people, instead of being something isolated.

film 2 4
film 2 3
film 2 2

Source: SHOWStudio
Direction: Dàfe Oboro and Mowalola Ogunlesi
Music: Klein
Casting: Our Casting
Styling Assistance: Stephen Tayo
Film Assistance: Deto Black
Graphics: Lane Stewart


Michele Foti: My Beautiful Laundrette

In Michele Foti’s short fashion film My Beautiful Laundrette, the viewer is up for a humorous and surprising use of music, movement and surroundings in relation to the clothing – and brings the viewers sense for detail into questioning. Taking place in what looks like a dry-cleaning factory, we follow the everyday labor of a couple of women. As a contrast to what looks like mechanical labor and a standardized environment, the women offer surprises and individuality in the clothes that they wear – however the details only appear in small glimps.

My beautiful My beautiful 2
My beautiful 2 3 My beautiful 2 3 4

Source: SHOWstudio
Direction: Michele Foti
Clothes: Atmstudio

To see more amazing fashion short films, go to ShowStudios webpage. SHOWStudio’s Head of Fashion Film, Raquel Couceiro, will attend Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival 2019 as part of the jury. Read more about her here.

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