Sci-fi Bowie love for your Sunday!

The Man who fell to Earth (1976) is a visual sci-fi masterpiece by director Nicolas Roeg. David Bowie stars as the intergalactic visitor Thomas Newton, who has come to Earth in search of water to save his celestial home. His attempts are thwarted by the government, his unselfconscious gentleness and vulnerability questioned, as he tries to contend with the irrationality of human prejudice.

Bowie’s costumes in the film are a perfect mix of stylish business suits twisted with 1970s fashion and his orange-haired eccentric androgynous look. His clothes are tailored, with flawless lines and the accessories add a level of mystery to his character – colored eyeglasses, fedora hat and tweed jacket. And despite his attempt to fit in, he sticks out. As a style icon, Bowie has shone throughout his career and fans of Bowie must see him in this cool classic.

The film was a part of our Copenhagen Fashion Film 2018 programme, where we focused on fashion icons.

You can watch the film here!



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