CPH PIX 2018 is over and here at CFF, we are still thrown back by this year’s super impressive program – we can’t wait ‘til next year! As a post-PIX contribute for the ones wanting more, we strongly recommend watching Vinterbrødre (2017) by the islandic instructor Hlynur Pálmason. The award-winning film Vinterbrødre, and last year’s winner of New Talent Grand PIX, is the story of two brothers, living a simple and routine life, working in limestone mines. The ambitious and surrealistic film was recognized and celebrated for its innovative film language, with a strong poetic and sensory imagery.

Telling with colors schemes
Besides the wonderful set-designs, the thing that really caught our interest was the costume designs of the film. The Danish costume designer Nina Grønlund, who won a Robert for her work in Vinterbrødre, gives the clothes an important role in the visual expression of the film and the telling of the story, by letting the characters’ wear resemble the different visual effects used in the film. This can be seen in the similarity between the worn-out work clothes and the raw factories – and in the color schemes used by Grønlund: The pale blue, white and sandy tones of the clothes unfold in the whole, making every detail in the clothes correspond with the scenography and moods of the scenes.

The film can be streamed on Filmstriben




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