Thank you for a wonderful time Heartland Festival. We had the best time experiencing art, music and amazing talks.

Music highlights:
JADA, Friday
The concert with the Danish singer JADA was one of the most special music experiences. In amazing outfit and with the voice of an angel, she showed us all why she is the new big star.

3_Jada_Mathias Bak Larsen©
Photo: Mathias-Bak-Larsen – Heartland Festival

Die Antword, Saturday
With 3000 kilometres an hour, Die Antword showed us how to make a show that blew Heartland over! Changing outfit between each song, twerking and jumping all over the show was incredible!

3_Die Antwoord_Mathias Bak Larsen©-4
Photo: Mathias-Bak-Larsen – Heartland Festival

Here are some photos summing up the special Heartland feeling:Heartland_Katrine_Møbius_25
Photo: Katrine Møbius – Heartland Festival

001_Photo_Christaian Bang
Nana Francisca Schottländer
Photo: Christian Bang- Heartland Festival

002_Photo_Christaian Bang
It´s Urgent Curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist
Photo: Christian Bang- Heartland Festival

003_Photo_Christaian Bang
The Radish Arm Charm – Henrik Vibskov 
Photo: Christian Bang- Heartland Festival



Unfortunately, we never got any photos from the Solange concert as the artist has not approved Heartland festivals press photos yet. But you should not miss our post because of the missing images so here it is.

Solange played at Heartland Festival on Thursday May 30. It was not allowed to film the concert or take any photos.

Solange and fashion are a match made in heaven and her concerts but also her music videoes are filled with extraordinary and special design and amazing costumes. At the concert, the scenography was all white with a large white “balloon” in the centre of the stage. Solange and her choir and dancers all wore black suits and tight bra´s. The concert had a few technical difficulties but it was also the first concert on her new tour.

As we can not show any photos from the concert, then here is a link to some of her very interesting music videos (in close connection to fashion films):


Want more Solange then check out this article with Solange’s stylist telling the process behind the 30 minutes long music film from the album: When I get Home


So thank you again Heartland Festival. Our only hopes for next year is to include fashion films!:)

Front image photo Kathrine Møbius – Heartland Festival