We are happy and tired after a fantastic Roskilde Festival! We go home inspired and filled with ideas.

The art programme was packed with interesting artists, talks and performances. A very well curated programme and we are glad that Roskilde has decided to focus more and more on the art scene.

Here are some of our highlights:


The brand new and welcoming initiative House of Chroma was placed in the middle of the Art Zone. House of Chroma offered talks, performances, workshops, and music, and the programme was packed with fabulous artists. Eli Sudbrack made the scenography and House of Chroma was open all of the festivals main days. The main focus was to present the festival overall theme – Solidarity – in different ways:

  • A queer focus (fronted by the aforementioned Brazilians)
  • A political activism focus (with Aya Chebbi & Emma Holten, Micah White and Saffiyah Khan, amongst others)
  • A green climate activism focus(with the Green Student Movement and woke artists such as Claudia Comte, Sissel Tolaas and Theis Ørntoft)
  • A artistic solidarity focus in relation to women in culture (with Madame Gandhi, Sanne Cigale Benmouyal, Marina and more).


TALKS at House of Chroma:

madame Gandhi Talk with Madame Gandhi 

IKI Concert with IKI.

IMG_2596 Concert with Frk. Jacobsen

Read more here: https://www.roskilde-festival.dk/en/years/2019/news/house-of-chroma/

Art in different places at the festival main area:


ME WE made by Claudia Comte in collaboration with Copenhagen Contemporary


Another new area called AMBERUM was an inspiring place. The Ambereum was inspired by Greek temples merged with an orange night club feeling. During the daytime, the area was made for people to relax, dream and slow down, but at night the Ambereum came to life as a psychedelic space.

Read more here: https://www.roskilde-festival.dk/en/years/2019/news/ambereum/

IMG_9237 SEMION made by Circuit Cirkus


The music scene was also a splash of amazing musical trips, visual experiences, and hardcore ladies.

We loved the fact that women finally was in front and had some of the great sloths at the programme this year. And they did not disappoint us!

Some of the highlights:

Silvana Imam opening the Orange Stage – Showing the crowd why she is the next big thing.

JADA at Avalon – We recommended her at the Heartland Festival and at Roskilde she did not disappoint us! We look forward to following her in the future.

Robyn at Orange – The queen of the dancefloor managed to start the party with her all-time pop hits and cool attitude. After eight years since her last album release the crowd had really looked forward to this, and she didn’t disappoint. Nobody danced on their own.

Lydmor at Avalon – Arty electro-pop meets dance meets machine. Lydmor challenges all your senses when she gets on stage, and did a fantastic concert.

Lizzo performing at Apollo – With her all positive energy she showed Roskilde why she is just about to open the doors to the international music scene! No videos from Roskilde 2019 but we found this one from Glastonbury and she definitely brought the juice to Roskilde as well!


Jorja Smith at Arena – The R&B sensational music comet already got her thing going and she managed to manifest her status as a huge star. Stylish, humble and all dressed in Saks Potts.

IMG_2657 IMG_2652 IMG_2649

And last but not least! Janelle Monae playing at the Orange Stage
Showing us that she is the boss! A well-curated concert – all well planned and well performed!

No videos from Roskilde 2019 but we found this one from Glastonbury summing it all up! She is FIRE!