The traces of our surroundings: “One Day of Summer”


The last days of summer is upon us, and soon it’s time to bring out the cozy sweaters, high boots and long coats. The changing weather brings us to consider our outfits each time we head out the front door. This consideration unfolds as a forever creative and procedural meeting between functionality and aesthetics. With the short fashion film “One Day of Summer”, the London based designer Naya Rea investigate how our natural surroundings both inspires and has a determining effect on the clothes that we wear.

“One Day of Summer” is a short fashion film, showcasing London based designer Naya Rea AW18/19 and an ode to the designer’s Russian heritage and the typically short summers in Siberia, there Naya Rea was born. The film invites the viewers to a very own mystical world as a more unique and imaginative way of presenting the new collection and share those fleeting moments when once a year young girls in Siberia can wear their beautiful summer clothes.”

Designer: Naya Rea
Directed: Uldus Bakhtiozina 

still from one day of summer 3

Still one day of summer 4

Still from One day of Summer