British designer Vivienne Westwood, the mother of punk, has always been one of the fashion worlds biggest activists and according to the designer herself, her activism ranks even higher on her priority list than fashion. It was a fantastic opportunity and we were beyond thrilled to see her talk at the Heartland Festival this Saturday, June 1st.

She took on the stage as a true icon and started talking passionately about her biggest battle: the Climate. And the audience listened without a breath!

Vivienne Westwood © Jonatan Nothlev-1

Photo: Jonatan Nothlev – Heartland Festival

Vivienne Westwood © Jonatan Nothlev-22

Photo: Jonatan Nothlev – Heartland Festival

Her goal with the talk was to educate us, to wake us up and to face the truth that: 7 billion people don’t know we are an endangered species

Vivienne told us that she had the solution to save the world. If we should save the world then we need to live differently, we need to change the way we live in the world and not own it anymore but rent it, and give back the earth what we have taken from it.  The solution: One world rent means one world help.

Vivienne Westwood © Jonatan Nothlev-19

Photo: Jonatan Nothlev – Heartland Festival

Another way to save the world according to Vivienne is to buy less. In terms of the fashion industry, she does not want to stop it but the changes she has made in her company was not expanding it anymore, cut her company down to a minimum and give all her profit to charity.

Vivienne says: I use fashion as a vehicle for activism to stop climate change and mass extinction of life on earth. The need to live in harmony with the planet is a matter of life and death,”

In her talk, she told everybody to go see her fashion show: Homo Loquax AW 19/20 Show,  as it sums up all her work in one show.

Want to know more about her climate work then here is a link to her climate revolution website:

Vivienne has also worked on combining the aesthetics of fashion and films. We at Copenhagen Fashion Film has always found her style and the element of activism interesting. Below you will find some of her video works, where her certain punkish style combined with a strong narrative and the element of activism meets fashion.

Last year a documentary about her premiered: Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist.

We loved the film, but according to Vivienne, the documentary was not giving enough credit to her strong passionate activism. She was not presented tough enough.

Here is also a collection of short fashion films from Vivienne Westwood:

Buy Less, Dress Up

Title: Don’t get Killed.

Ethical Fashion Africa Project


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